If you have ever experienced pain from a herniated disc, you know how debilitating and crippling it can be. And this can affect any of us: young or old, college students or retirees, sedentary office workers or fitness trainers. Once they have tried all the conventional procedures but failed to find relief, San Diegans turn to regenerative medicine centers for innovations. The demand for San Diego regenerative medicine procedures is higher than ever, but is it justified? 

Yes, and for a good reason: the intended purpose of regenerative medicine is to maximize the body’s natural healing ability, kickstart its natural regeneration process and restore its natural ability to function. It does so by relying mainly on the body’s natural growth factors, blood plasma and other naturally occurring substances. This makes regenerative medicine injections a viable and safe procedure for soft tissue damage such as herniated discs.

What is spinal disc herniation?

Does PRP work for a herniated disc

A herniated disc in the spine or spinal disc herniation is a condition which causes severe back pain caused by trauma or degenerative medical conditions. The condition, which may affect the lumbar or the cervical region, is increasingly common among adults. To patients living with disc herniation, regenerative medicine procedures may bring benefits such as pain relief, faster recovery, improved healing process and restored or enhanced functionality of the affected area.

Does PRP work for a herniated disc?

PRP may help promote pain management resulting from a herniated disc by using the blood platelets extracted from your own blood. Research has shown successful outcomes and a lasting improvement even years after the procedure, without reported complications. 

Aside from addressing pain in the spine, PRP has been known to be helpful in addressing:

Among the key benefits of herniated discs are the short recovery time and a high success rate.

What is the success rate of PRP injections?

Due to their all-natural composition and high success rate, PRP injections have recently become the go-to procedure for various musculoskeletal conditions. This includes herniated discs which often puts patients under excruciating pain. 
Statistically, PRP injections bring improvement to the majority of the patients who undergo the procedure, but only a regenerative medicine specialist is competent enough to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure or not.
PRP injections are administered with precision, using advanced imaging guidance. Aside from helping with inflammation and pain, PRP injections may also help preserve the natural biomechanics of the spine.

How long do regenerative medicine injections last?

One of the main dilemmas that patients living with herniated disc face is whether or not PRP injections or other regenerative medicine procedures will have a long-term effect. This depends on the patient. However, PRP injections work in the vast majority of cases, which is the principal reason for their high demand.

Tired of living with herniated disc pain? We may have a solution

Is a herniated disc preventing you from enjoying outdoor activities such as hitting the Silver Strand Bikeway on a day off? If pain from a herniated disc is the bane of your existence and you have tried every conventional option you could think of to get rid of it, it might be time to consider the latest San Diego regenerative medicine procedures. 

How long do regenerative medicine injections for herniated disc last

We will prepare your personalized care plan so you can reap all the potential health benefits. The advancements of regenerative medicine may even help reduce risk of future injuries and pain. Reach out to Rejuvenate Medical Group today and we will use the power of regenerative medicine to help you get better.