How our PRP joint injections promote healing

Natural ingredients

PRP procedures are designed to stimulate your body’s healing abilities.

Safe procedures

Our safe injections contain nothing but platelet plasma sourced from your blood.

Fast recovery

Patients in Del Mar may find great potential for accelerated recovery.

Engage your body’s healing potential with PRP injections

At the Rejuvenate Medical Group health center, we work with educated regenerative medicine specialists to enable Del Mar patients to explore the potential benefits of PRP procedures. Whether you’re healing from a sports injury or wish to find a solution for arthritis-induced pain in your knees, our PRP injections may bring the effects you seek. Before administering your injections, our dedicated specialists will carefully evaluate your medical history to maximize the potential of the procedure for accelerating the healing process.

What are PRP injections?

Your blood contains platelet-rich plasma, an important substance containing growth factors that increase the ability of your blood to form clots and generate healthy cells. When these factors or proteins are injected in higher concentrations into an injured body part, they may stimulate your body’s natural healing capabilities and increase the possibility of tissue repair. PRP injections are considered to be perfectly safe although their specific applications are yet to be approved by the FDA. Nevertheless, they have shown promising results in healing various types of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does platelet-rich plasma work?

The platelet cells that are found in your blood are rich in factors that encourage healthy cell growth and blood clotting. In order to create a PRP injection, our medical experts will take some of your blood and concentrate its growth factors using a centrifuge. After the factors have been activated, they will be injected into your damaged or injured tissue in order to expedite healing and accelerate your recovery process. 

How painful are PRP injections?

Like most other regenerative medicine procedures, PRP injections bring minimal levels of discomfort. However, the exact amount of pain will depend on the injured body part. For instance, an injection into a muscle injury may be more painful than a PRP injection for your knee, according to experiences of our Del Mar patients.

What do PRP injections help with?

PRP injections have shown promise for healing tendinitis, torn tendons, injured muscles, and ligaments, as well as facilitating the recovery process after surgery and reducing arthritis-induced pain in knees and other joints in your body.

How effective is PRP for knee arthritis?

According to recent evidence, platelet-rich plasma procedures bring great potential for patients who suffer from knee arthritis. In fact, our PRP knee injections in Del Mar have shown promising results for alleviating arthritis-induced pain. Nevertheless, further research is still necessary for determining the best approach for knee arthritis and related conditions. 

How long does PRP last for knee pain?

The benefits of PRP injections for knee osteoarthritis typically last for approximately six months or longer depending on the specific circumstances. In order to ensure the best results, your medical specialist should perform all necessary evaluations prior to administering the injections.

How safe are PRP injections?

The ingredients used in PRP injections are exclusively sourced from your own body and used to stimulate its natural healing abilities. While there are still years of further research ahead of us, PRP injections are considered perfectly safe for use.

How many PRP procedures do I need?

Typically, PRP injections are administered in three sessions in 4-6 week intervals. After the initial injections, patients are encouraged to undergo subsequent procedures every 4-6 months for the best results.

What is the FDA stance on PRP injections?

The ingredients used in PRP injections, i.e. concentrated platelet-rich plasma, belong to the category of HCT/Ps. Human cell and tissue products are regulated and deemed safe by the FDA although their specific applications have yet to be fully approved by the administration. Either way, the FDA recognizes the potential of PRP for healing many different chronic and acute conditions and we are hopeful that all applications of PRP injections will be approved sometime soon.

Will insurance pay for my PRP injections?

Unfortunately, most insurance programs don’t cover PRP injections as they don’t have CMS codes assigned to them. This stems from the fact that the FDA has not yet approved any specific uses of PRP procedures, meaning that the situation will likely change once the administration takes the next step to embrace the potential of PRP.

Who can I rely on for PRP injections near me?

The team of educated regenerative medicine professionals at Rejuvenate Medical Group uses cutting edge technology and relies on tried-and-true procedures to enable patients to explore the promise of PRP injections. In order to determine the best approach for your particular medical condition, they will conduct a great number of tests and evaluations to make sure that your PRP injections bring you the best possible results.

We bring advanced PRP injections in Del Mar & beyond

As the leading professionals for PRP injections in San Diego, we are fully committed to helping our patients find pain relief in our regenerative medicine procedures. You can rely on us to use only natural materials from your own body and employ advanced techniques to expedite your recovery and encourage tissue repair and restoration.

At Rejuvenate Medical Group, we serve the entire San Diego community, providing beneficial PRP injections in Rancho Santa Fe as well as the best PRP procedures in Rancho Bernardo. You can start your path to recovery today by tapping into the potential of PRP today.

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