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At Rejuvenate Medical Group, we use the power of innovative chronic pain management and regenerative medicine in San Diego to help patients get back to what they love doing. Whether you suffer from a medical condition or degenerative diseases, we believe nothing should stand in the way of living your best life.

From playing sports to simply being able to hold your children or grandchildren, Rejuvenate Medical Group can prove to be your best option for treating acute and chronic injuries. Our team has the technology and expertise to free you from pain and discomfort. You can count on our dedication to you and our commitment to enhancing your chance of recovery.


Repair Tissue Damage

Through cutting edge injections we can stimulate your body’s natural healing response to restore function and decrease pain.



Through personalized treatments, massage therapy and exercise routines, we help patients train their muscles and bodies to get back to the specific activities they love.


Get Back at It

Whether it's improving your golf swing, eliminating tennis elbow or riding the beautiful waves San Diego has to offer, Rejuvenate Medical Group can get you back out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is human cell and tissue therapy Right For you?

Injections are directly applied into the injured or damaged tissue. These can lead to an improvement in the movement and function of the joint, a reduction of inflammation and a decrease or elimination of pain.

WHAT IS human cell and tissue therapy?

Our body has the innate capacity to restore the functionality and structure of tissues and organs damaged by an injury or a disease. Human cell and tissue therapy aims to help manage pain using the same natural repair mechanisms is possible.

What is human cell and tissue therapy used for?

The main purpose is to help facilitate your body’s natural healing response to improve function and movement to get you out of pain and back to where you once were.

With our treatment, you can better manage your pain and improve joint functionality, repair injured or damaged knee tissue, soothe back pain, and enhance the healing process of shoulder injuries. The versatility of regenerative medicine injections are the reason this option is one of the most in-demand methods of joint pain management.

Learn more about how regenerative medicine can help with everything from back pain & arthritis, to tennis elbow and more.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF human cell and tissue therapy?

Human cell and tissue therapy comes with a wide range of benefits and potential benefits:

- Promoting the healing process,
- Expediting recovery,
- Alleviating pain,
- Enhanced functionality,
- Reducing the risk of new or recurring injuries

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are a minimally invasive pain management procedure which uses either a local anesthetic or a combination with steroids to help soothe the area.

Learn more about Trigger Point Injections

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Millie Dinsmore

After countless futile attempts to lose weight for good, I felt downright frustrated. But you guys have helped me transform my body & turn my life around. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate all your help and support.

Jack Griswold

I have spent the past decade suffering from excruciating back pain. The Rejuvenate team has given me pain relief I was desperate for and I can never thank them enough.

Trisha Jones

After a fire accident, my skin was badly damaged. I was really skeptical about stem cell treatment but I decided to take the plunge and give it a shot. This helped me get back on my feet and go back to being my old self. I'll be forever grateful for that!