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Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love, pain-free and stronger than before. Our regenerative treatment options will give you the tools to become independent in taking care of your health and condition.

What to Expect from Regenerative Rehabilitation

Pain Relief & Function Restoration

Pain is not normal. It's a sign that something is wrong and you shouldn't have to just live or deal with it. At Rejuvenate Medical Group, we're here to get you back to the level of functionality you were at before injury. Whether it was recently brought on by sports play or a specific motion, or if you've been dealing with chronic pain for years, we can address the underlying cause of your issue and get you back to where you were.

Getting to Know You

During your initial consultation, our team will be focused first on getting to know you. By understanding your injury or pain points, our personalized treatment plans can get you back to the activities and sports you love.

Targeted Regenerative injections

Our body has the innate capacity to restore the functionality and structure of tissues and organs damaged by an injury or a disease. Regenerative medicine therapy has shown that treating or even curing diseases using these same natural repair mechanisms is possible.

The main types of regenerative injections we offer are...

- Stem Cell Injections
- PRP Injections
- Trigger Point Injections


During your injury rehab sessions, we'll use appropriate tools and techniques to relieve pain and enhance function. From sports massages to chiropractic therapy, we'll also introduce you to exercises you can do on your own to get back to peak performance.

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Millie Dinsmore

After countless futile attempts to lose weight for good, I felt downright frustrated. But you guys have helped me transform my body & turn my life around. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate all your help and support.

Jack Griswold

I have spent the past decade suffering from excruciating back pain. The Rejuvenate team has given me pain relief I was desperate for and I can never thank them enough.

Trisha Jones

After a fire accident, my skin was badly damaged. I was really skeptical about stem cell treatment but I decided to take the plunge and give it a shot. This helped me get back on my feet and go back to being my old self. I'll be forever grateful for that!