The benefits of regenerative medicine injections in San Diego

Tissue damage

Regenerative medicine injections may be effective at repairing tissue damaged due to illness or injury.

Joint pain

To patients affected by chronic joint pain, regenerative medicine injections may provide much-needed pain relief.


Regenerative medicine gives hope and promising results to those suffering from degenerative diseases.

Use the potential of regenerative medicine injections in San Diego

Rejuvenate Medical Group is one of the leading regenerative medicine health centers in San Diego. Our team consists of the leaders in the field of regenerative medicine. You can have full confidence in our experts, their dedication to you and their commitment to enhancing your chance of recovery. We want you to know that you are not alone now that you have the best in the field looking after your wellbeing and taking actions with your best interest at heart.

About regenerative medicine injections

Regenerative medicine holds promise for patients suffering from diverse medical conditions and degenerative diseases such as arthritis. When injected into damaged tissue and injured areas, the active ingredients in regenerative medicine injections may enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.  As the leading San Diego regenerative medicine health center, we use regenerative medicine injections as part of an integrated approach. Scientific breakthroughs have paved the way for us to tailor an optimal set of procedures for you and enable you to regain overall wellness.

Hips, back, knee & shoulder pain

We offer our patients regenerative medicine injections for hips, back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain. Let us help you better manage pain and improve joint functionality. Regenerative medicine injections are one of the most in-demand methods of joint pain management.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Regenerative medicine injections may be used for the management of chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Patients who seek pain relief may experience long-lasting changes and an improved quality of life.


Regenerative medicine may help repair the damage caused by this increasingly common form of arthritis. Due to the high number of patients battling this condition, regenerative medicine injections have become a vastly used procedure for osteoarthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stem cells?

Stem cells or mesenchymal cells are astonishing in their ability to assume the behavior and other properties and characteristics of the surrounding cells. They are the building blocks of the human body. Stem cells have the potential to transform into virtually any specialized cell type.

What are regenerative medicine injections used for?

Regenerative medicine injections may facilitate the process of tissue repair and regeneration.

How are regenerative medicine injections used for arthritis?

There is a rising trend in the use of regenerative medicine injections as they can help improve the symptoms of arthritis. Although using these injections remains somewhat unconventional, the success rate of this non-surgical procedure is certainly promising. 

Can these injections help regenerate hip cartilage?

Regenerative medicine injections can be injected into the damaged or injured hip to help regrow cartilage. The same goes for the cartilage of other joints.

Do regenerative medicine procedures work on injured knees?

Regenerative medicine injections may have the potential to repair injured and damaged knee tissue, a condition that many of our patients are struggling with.

Can regenerative medicine help with back pain management?

Regenerative medicine may help soothe back pain. Other pain management methods we offer to our San Diego patients include trigger point injections and PRP injections.

Do regenerative medicine injections work for torn rotator cuff?

Regenerative medicine injections have the potential to be effective at enhancing the healing process of a torn rotator cuff. Of course, you would need to consult and be examined by a medical specialist to find out whether this would be the appropriate procedure for you.

How do regenerative medicine injections work?

Regenerative medicine injections are directly injected into the injured/damaged tissue. As the end-result of the procedure, you may expect pain relief, reduced inflammation and swelling, as well as soft tissue supplementation and potential regrowth.

Are regenerative medicine injections safe?

To the extent to which we here at Rejuvenate Medical Group use them, regenerative medicine injections and other derivative products found in them are perfectly safe to use. For the most part, the ingredients inside these injections represent the body’s raw material with the potential to help the human organism manage pain and repair itself. 

How long do regenerative medicine injections take to work?

The efficacy of the procedure vary greatly among different patients. The success rate depends on the patient and various circumstances that may affect how fast and how well they respond to the procedure. Some patients are unlikely to experience any changes during the period between the first 3 and 6-8 weeks following the procedure. However, there are patients who will experience pain relief in as little as a week.

How long do regenerative medicine injections last?

The effect of regenerative medicine injections has been known to last for over 6 months.

Is regenerative medicine therapy FDA approved?

The products used in regenerative medicine fall under the category of HTC/Ps or human tissue and cell products which are approved by the FDA. However, although considered safe by the FDA, HTC/Ps are not approved for any specific application, except for stem cell therapy for the treatment of blood and bone marrow cancer. However, the FDA does see the potential and promise of regenerative medicine and we can expect that this will lead to the approval of additional applications of various forms of regenerative medicine therapy that use HTC/Ps.

Does insurance pay for regenerative medicine injections?

Insurance does not pay for regenerative medicine injections, with the exception of therapy for the treatment of blood and bone marrow cancer. Although not covered by insurance, the HTC products used for regenerative medicine injections are completely safe and approved by the FDA. We may expect these products to be assigned codes for reimbursement at some point in the future.

Turn to our expert team for consultation, guidance and support

Our well-coordinated team will examine you before planning your initial procedure to help you turn things around and get better. From therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis to injections for back pain and pain in other joints, regenerative medicine injections are a game-changing innovation. We will optimize your care plan so you may have a better chance of recovery and pain relief and reach a state of optimal wellbeing.

Where do I find the best regenerative medicine therapy near me?

You might have first heard of the regenerative powers of regenerative medicine injections and therapy in connection to professional athletes who have suffered sports injuries, such as Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning. You’ve come to the right place, because regenerative medicine therapy is a breakthrough approach which could prove to be your absolute best course of action in response to both acute and chronic injuries.

As the number one choice for regenerative medicine injections and regenerative medicine in general, Rejuvenate Medical Group of San Diego has the technology and expertise to show you the way to a brighter future free of pain and discomfort. Using advanced live motion sonography, we may be able to pinpoint problem areas and affected joints with accuracy. We will start you on your individualized regenerative medicine therapy plan as soon as possible with the hope of initiating your healing process.

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