What regenerative medicine injections can do for you

Restoring damaged

Regenerative medicine injections may help repair tissue damage caused by an injury or illness.

Relieving joint

Regenerative medicine injections may also relieve chronic pain and physical discomfort in patients.


This type of procedure may bring significant improvement in patients diagnosed with degenerative diseases.

Find support & medical assistance at our dedicated center

As one of the most reputable regenerative medicine health centers in Hillcrest and the area, Rejuvenate Medical Group offers medical assistance, support, and guidance based on our extensive expertise in the field. Patients who have experienced a severe injury or are suffering from a degenerative disease may start their recovery process right here with us. Our team consists of highly educated and experienced specialists who will apply an advanced approach to address the exact health issue, using the full potential of regenerative medicine. 

An insight into regenerative medicine injections

As one aspect of regenerative medicine therapy, these injections are used to promote and facilitate the body’s ability to heal and restore damaged tissue. Regenerative medicine injections offer promising results, especially for patients who suffer from arthritis, severe joint, back, and shoulder pain, and other types of degenerative conditions. Here at the Hillcrest’s trusted regenerative medicine health center, we take full advantage of the active components found in this type of injections, incorporating them into personalized recovery plans for our patients. 

Hips, back, knee & shoulder pain

If you’re suffering from severe joint pain, consider undergoing our procedure that employs promising regenerative medicine injections for knees, hips, back, and shoulder pain in Hillcrest. We can help you manage and possibly eliminate chronic pain, finding the much-needed relief.

Rheumatoid arthritis

At our center, you can also get a tailored regenerative medicine therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. Numerous studies suggest that this procedure may offer lasting improvements in patients who suffer from this type of condition, leading to an enhanced sense of well-being.


Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that causes significant tissue damage. Regenerative medicine injections may help the body repair the damage and enhance the process of recovery. Medical research has contributed to a wide application of these injections in patients with osteoarthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stem cells and what do they do?

Stem cells, also called mesenchymal cells, are a type of cell with unique regenerative and adaptive properties. They can replace damaged or specialized cells by adopting their characteristics and performing their function. 

What is the application of regenerative medicine injections?

Regenerative medicine injections are widely applied in therapies of degenerative diseases, injuries, or other health conditions that have caused tissue damage. These injections may offer significant results in tissue restoration and repair. 

Can patients with injured knees benefit from regenerative medicine injections?

The use of this procedure is also common among patients who have experienced knee injuries. Our patients who undergo regenerative medicine injections for knee pain in Hillcrest may experience long-term improvement and enhanced recovery. 

How do regenerative medicine injections affect hip cartilage?

Regenerative medicine injections for hips are also available to Hillcrest residents. This procedure entails injecting the contents into the hip with the aim of restoring the damaged cartilage in hips and other joints. 

What implications do regenerative medicine injections have for arthritis?

The application of regenerative medicine injections in arthritis therapy is becoming more and more common owing to the potential of this procedure. Although there is still no firm evidence, these injections may offer significant improvements in some patients. 

Is regenerative medicine effective in pain management? 

Patients suffering from chronic pain may experience the promising results of regenerative medicine. At our dedicated center, patients can undergo pain management therapy that employs regenerative medicine injections for back pain, as well as shoulder, knee, and hip pain. 

Is this procedure applicable for torn rotator cuff problems?

Regenerative medicine has demonstrated potential in the restoration and regeneration of torn rotator cuffs. However, it is important to mention that this may vary from one patient to another, which is why we offer tailored approaches based on your health condition and needs. 

What is the application process of regenerative medicine injections?

Here at Rejuvenate Medical Group, we follow a carefully devised process when administering regenerative medicine injections. Our specialists apply them to the affected area, injecting the contents directly into the damaged or injured tissue. Depending on the case, you may experience results such as a reduction in inflammation, redness, and swelling, reduced pain, supplementation of soft tissue, and tissue regeneration. 

Do regenerative medicine injections have any safety risks?

Here at Rejuvenate Medical Group, we use regenerative medicine injections, following strict guidelines regarding the manner and extent of their administration. Furthermore, since the contents are typically raw materials of the body, there are no safety risks, but solely a possibility of pain relief and management, as well as damaged/injured tissue regeneration. 

When do regenerative medicine injections start to deliver results?

When a patient will start to experience the results of this procedure will greatly depend on their individual case and health condition. For instance, individuals who respond well to regenerative medicine injections may start to experience pain relief several days after the procedure. On the other hand, other patients may need six to eight weeks to feel any kind of improvement.

Are the effects of regenerative medicine injections temporary?

It has been shown that a patient may experience the effects of this procedure for more than six months after receiving the injections. 

Has the FDA approved regenerative medicine therapy?

Regenerative medicine therapy and injections use substances categorized as HTC/Ps. This means that they are labeled as human cell and tissue products. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a set of guidelines and approved this type of product, but not for a specific application. The only exception, for now, is the use of stem cells for bone marrow and blood cancer treatment. 

However, owing to the promising potential of regenerative medicine, it is likely that the FDA will soon approve the use of regenerative medicine injections and other HTC/Ps products for other medical purposes. 

Are regenerative medicine injections covered by insurance?

Only blood and bone marrow cancer treatment is covered by insurance. Nonetheless, FDA-approved HTC products that are used in regenerative medicine injections are safe for application. Additionally, reimbursement codes may be issued for this type of procedure in the future. 

Start your recovery with our qualified specialists

Our experienced and educated specialists will first conduct the initial examination and consider your medical history. We will then adjust our approach to your particular situation and devise a plan to facilitate r your recovery. We use donated Wharton’s jelly tissue sourced from a healthy umbilical cord. Whether you need therapy for osteoarthritis or regenerative medicine injections for knee regeneration in Hillcrest, our team will provide you with expert assistance and guidance with the aim of improving your overall health. 

Where can I find optimal regenerative medicine therapy in Hillcrest and the area?

Rejuvenate Medical Group has a team of some of the most experienced regenerative medicine specialists across San Diego County. Therefore, if you’re not located in Hillcrest, you can still get the medical care you need and start reaping the benefits of regenerative medicine for chronic and acute injuries, as well as degenerative diseases. 

For instance, if you are looking for a trusted regenerative medical health center in Mission Hills or specialist regenerative medicine team in Del Mar, reach out to us and take full advantage of the promising potentials of regenerative medicine. 

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