How regenerative medicine in Mission Hills may help


Regenerative medicine has the potential to repair damaged tissue after injury or illness.


If you’re looking for a way to alleviate pain without surgery, regenerative medicine may be the perfect solution.


Regenerative medicine injections may substantially enhance your chances of a speedy recovery.

The leading regenerative medicine health center that Mission Hills turns to

At Rejuvenate Medical Group, we boast a team of knowledgeable regenerative medicine experts who will guide you on your path to recovery with undivided attention and unrelenting dedication. Patients suffering from a wide range of health conditions may find the relief they seek with the help of our seasoned experts. Your health and wellbeing always come first to the committed professionals at Rejuvenate Medical Group.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine has the potential to help patients who suffer from a variety of medical conditions, including degenerative diseases. The procedures involve injecting active ingredients into injured areas or damaged tissue with the purpose of potentially increasing your body’s ability to heal itself. At our health center, we provide patients from Mission Hills with tailor-made regenerative medicine solutions that may enhance the overall quality of their lives and bring the pain relief they seek without surgery.

Hips, back, knee & shoulder pain

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your joints, our regenerative medicine injections for hips, shoulder, knees, and back pain in Mission Hills may be the key to your recovery. We rely on our vast knowledge and advanced methods to help bring the relief you need.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Regenerative medicine also holds great promise for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and a variety of other chronic conditions. The injections may bring lasting change and relief, enhancing your overall health and wellbeing in the process.


Additionally, regenerative medicine procedures may be beneficial for healing osteoarthritis-caused damage. If you are suffering from this condition, know that a vast number of patients have reported great improvements after our procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stem cells used for?

Stem cells, your body’s building blocks, have an incredible potential to turn into a variety of other specialized cell types, including cartilage, muscle, and bone. Thanks to this ability, stem cells offer great potential for healing a vast range of health conditions, all without surgery.

How is regenerative medicine used?

The application of regenerative medicine is based on its potential to restore the function and structure of injured areas and damaged tissue. 

Can regenerative medicine injections help with arthritis? 

Regenerative medicine procedures offer great promise to patients who are looking for a modern solution for arthritis-induced pain and discomfort.

Are there regenerative medicine injections for back pain

There is a high probability that regenerative medicine procedures might help soothe chronic back pain. Many patients report significant improvement after having our injections in Mission Hills

Can regenerative medicine injections be used for hips?  

If you are looking for a way to heal your injured hip without surgery, consider visiting our health center and tapping into the potential of regenerative medicine. 

Does regenerative medicine work for knees? 

If you have an injured knee, you’ll be happy to hear that regenerative medicine injections might be able to repair the injured tissue and provide much-needed relief. 

Can regenerative medicine heal torn rotator cuff? 

Regenerative medicine procedures may be appropriate for healing a torn rotator cuff, but only with approval from your medical specialist. 

What does a regenerative medicine procedure look like?

During a regenerative medicine procedure, injections are injected into your damaged or injured tissue. This is done with the purpose of bringing pain relief, reducing the swelling, and potentially facilitating tissue regrowth and supplementation. 

Is regenerative medicine safe?

At our regenerative medicine health center, we use injection ingredients that are safe to use and have the potential to help your body heal. In fact, our regenerative medicine injections are made from the body’s raw materials. 

How long does it take for regenerative medicine to work?

The results may vary greatly from one patient to the next. The exact effects will depend on your specific medical condition as well as a number of other circumstances. Many patients report changes within the first three to eight weeks, while some see results within the first week already. 

How long do the effects of regenerative medicine injections last?

Typically, regenerative medicine injections should bring relief for months to years. 

Are regenerative medicine injections approved by the FDA?

The ingredients used for regenerative medicine injections are considered to be HCT/P’s, which stands for human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products. While these products are regulated, cleared and considered to be safe, the FDA only approves their application for treating blood and bone marrow cancer in stem cell therapy, at least for now. Nevertheless, the FDA is aware of the potential that regenerative medicine brings, so we can expect a number of specific applications to be approved sometime in the future. 

Will my insurance cover regenerative medicine?

Unfortunately, regenerative medicine injections are not covered by insurance, except in the case of blood and bone marrow cancer treatment. Nevertheless, the ingredients in our injections are perfectly safe to use and will probably be assigned reimbursement codes as regenerative medicine further develops. 

Bringing personalized regenerative medicine solutions to Mission Hills

When you choose the Rejuvenate Medical Group for your regenerative medicine procedure, you can expect our team of experts to take all the necessary steps to ensure optimal results. Count on them to provide support and guidance in every step of the procedure in order to increase your chances of recovery, whether you’re suffering from knee, back, or hip pain or want to find pain relief for your arthritis-induced discomfort. Let us help you live a more comfortable life. 

Who are the best regenerative medicine experts in Mission Hills?

As the leading regenerative medicine experts in the San Diego area, Rejuvenate Medical Group uses state of the art technology and relies on vast expertise to help patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. Whether you’re searching for a way to facilitate recovery after a sports injury or alleviate knee pain without resorting to surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a consultation. 

Are you seeking regenerative medicine solutions but you don’t live in Mission Hills? Not a problem. We have patients from all over the area so if you are, for instance, looking for a tailored regenerative medicine procedure in Del Mar, or advanced regenerative medicine injections in Rancho Santa Fe, we’re the ones to call. Wherever you are in San Diego, just contact us to schedule your appointment and start your journey to recovery today! 

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