How regenerative medicine in Rancho Bernardo may bring relief


Regenerative medicine injections offer great promise for restoring tissue damaged after illness or injury.


Patients who want to find pain relief without resorting to surgery, may find a solution in regenerative medicine.


You may substantially facilitate your recovery if you rely on regenerative medicine experts to help you.

Seasoned regenerative medicine professionals at Rancho Bernardo

Rejuvenate Medical Group is a team of experienced medical industry experts who provide invaluable assistance and guidance to patients looking for a noninvasive procedure that brings promise for pain relief. By relying on the great potential of regenerative medicine injections for back pain and a wide range of other health issues, our highly trained specialists may help patients from Rancho Bernardo live a life without discomfort.

What is the potential of regenerative medicine?

If you are a Rancho Bernardo resident who suffers from arthritis or severe knee, joint, or shoulder pain, you may find the relief you’re looking for in regenerative medicine. The procedures rely on active ingredients in injections to potentially enhance your body’s self-healing capabilities and facilitate your recovery. At Rejuvenate Medical Group, we provide our patients with personalized solutions that may alleviate their pain and increase the quality of their lives, all without surgery.

Hips, back, knee & shoulder pain

Suffering from severe pain or discomfort in your joints? Regenerative medicine injections offer great promise for alleviating the pain in your knees, hips, back, or shoulders. If you are looking for pain relief in Rancho Bernardo, our tailor-made procedures may be exactly what you need.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Studies show that regenerative medicine may also bring relief for patients suffering from a number of chronic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis. The procedures have the potential to bring lasting improvement and significantly increase your overall well being.


Research has shown that regenerative medicine injections may also facilitate the healing process of tissue damaged by osteoarthritis. If you are suffering from this medical condition, know that a great number of our patients have found pain relief in our procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do stem cells work?

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials that possess unique adaptive and regenerative capabilities. Under the right conditions, they may replace a wide variety of specialized cells, including muscle, bone, and cartilage, and in turn offer great promise for healing a vast array of medical conditions. 

How can regenerative medicine be used?

Thanks to their great potential for repairing and restoring damaged tissue, regenerative medicine injections may be applied in a variety of therapies for injuries, degenerative diseases, and a number of other medical conditions. 

Does regenerative medicine work for arthritis? 

Numerous studies show that regenerative medicine injections may bring significant improvements for patients suffering from different forms of arthritis.  

Can regenerative medicine injections be used for back pain

Regenerative medicine offers promising results for patients struggling with chronic back pain. In fact, many patients from Rancho Bernardo who have undergone our procedures report lasting benefits. 

How effective are regenerative medicine injections for hips?  

If you are searching for a non-invasive solution for healing your injured hip in Rancho Bernardo, our regenerative medicine procedures may be exactly what you need. 

Do regenerative medicine injections work for knee pain? 

If you are recovering from a knee injury, you may find the pain relief you are looking for in our procedures. Regenerative medicine injections have the potential to restore knee tissue and enable patients in Rancho Bernardo to live without pain and discomfort. 

How successful is regenerative medicine for shoulders?

Regenerative medicine shows great promise for healing torn rotator cuffs and alleviating shoulder pain. However, you should keep in mind that the results may vary among different patients, so it’s important to rely on knowledgeable experts who will tailor your procedure to your specific condition.

How is regenerative medicine conducted?

When administering regenerative medicine injections, the experts at Rejuvenate Medical Group inject the contents into the injured or damaged tissue following a carefully devised procedure. By doing so, they allow you to tap into the potential of regenerative medicine for reducing pain and swelling, as well as restoring and regenerating damaged tissue.

How safe is regenerative medicine?

When performing a regenerative medicine procedure, our knowledgeable specialists follow strict safety guidelines and use only ingredients that are made from the body’s raw materials. The contents of the injections pose no safety risks, only a potential for pain relief and tissue regrowth.

When should I expect results from regenerative medicine?

The exact results of regenerative medicine injections will depend on the patient’s specific condition as well as several other factors. While many patients report improvement within the first three to eight weeks after receiving injections, some individuals who respond well to the procedure may see results within a couple of days.

How long do regenerative medicine injections last?

In most cases, patients experience the results of the procedure for around half a year or longer. 

Is regenerative medicine FDA approved?

Regenerative medicine injections are made from human cell and tissue-based products, typically labeled as HCT/Ps. While The Food and Drug Administration considers these products to be safe, it only approves their use for treating bone marrow and blood cancer, at least for now. However, the FDA recognizes the promise of regenerative medicine and is likely to approve additional specific applications at some point in the future. 

Does insurance pay for regenerative medicine?

Insurance companies don’t typically cover the costs of regenerative medicine with the exception of bone marrow and blood cancer treatment. However, since regenerative medicine injections are considered perfectly safe by the FDA, we expect patients to be issued reimbursement codes sometime in the future as the field further develops. 

Start your recovery with the #1 regenerative medicine specialists at Rancho Bernardo

At Rejuvenate Medical Group, we boast a team of highly educated and trained specialists who leave nothing to chance when performing regenerative medicine procedures. They approach each patient with undivided attention, making sure that the procedure enhances their chances of recovery and brings great potential for pain relief. Since we use Wharton’s jelly tissue sourced from healthy donated umbilical cord, you won’t have to worry about any adverse reactions or ethical concerns. Count on our knowledgeable experts to provide guidance every step of the way 

Where can I get regenerative medicine injections in Rancho Bernardo

As reputable regenerative medicine professionals in San Diego, Rejuvenate Medical Group relies on advanced methods to enable patients to tap into the potential of regenerative medicine. Whether you are looking for a non-invasive solution for your hip pain or sports injury, our regenerative medicine specialists may give you the pain relief you seek. 

Our regenerative medicine injections are available to patients across the area. So, if you are searching for the best experts for regenerative medicine in Mission Valley or wish to try advanced regenerative medicine procedures in La Jolla, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Schedule your appointment today and explore the possibilities of regenerative medicine! 

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