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More and more patients dealing with tissue damage turn to regenerative medicine which shows potential for tissue repair.

Relief from

Relief from pain and related symptoms represents one of the most in-demand applications of regenerative medicine.


A faster and more effective recovery process? It may be possible with the help of regenerative medicine injections.

Using innovation to optimize your care plan

People across San Diego county are turning to regenerative medicine as a healthy and safe alternative to conventional drug treatment and surgery. Regenerative medicine shows promising results, from improvement of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis to repair of damage caused by injuries. Our patients here in Rancho Santa Fe and across the region of San Diego now have the chance to receive an optimized care plan designed specifically to suit their needs.

Regenerative medicine: potential solutions within reach

Regenerative medicine, which relies on the cells and fluids normally found in the human body, may help kickstart the healing process in patients determined to be suitable candidates. As more and more patients become interested in the possible applications of regenerative medicine and researchers everywhere continue making progress in the field, the future of regenerative medicine looks promising.

Pain alleviation

No one should have to live with pain and discomfort, yet this is the reality that many people face. The potential for effective pain management represents one of the key applications of regenerative medicine.

Chronic condition management

Chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis tend to get worse with time and cause extensive tissue damage. However, regenerative medicine has the potential to bring improvement to patients with chronic conditions as well.

Ameliorate symptoms of disease

Aside from tissue damage caused by osteoarthritis and other degenerative conditions, there are numerous other symptoms which affected patients struggle with on a daily basis, but which regenerative medicine may help ameliorate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can regenerative medicine be used for?

Aside from cells from the substance known as Wharton’s Jelly, regenerative medicine injections contain hyaluronic acid, cytokines and similar substances. Owing to the remarkable ability of the ingredients in a regenerative medicine injection, regenerative medicine procedures are used to help supplement and regenerate tissue damaged by various degenerative conditions and injuries. It is important to emphasize that there are no ethical concerns or safety risks and risks of complications when it comes to regenerative medicine.

How long does it take for regenerative medicine to take effect?

It depends on the patient’s condition and extent of tissue damage. For one thing, results vary among patients and not all patients will respond to the procedure equally well. For another, it may take some patients several procedures for them to take effect. In most cases, results should start to show within a few months.

Is regenerative medicine cleared by the FDA?

Regenerative medicine products are human cells, tissue and cellular & tissue-based products, all of which are FDA-cleared and regulated.

Will my insurance cover regenerative medicine injections?

Regenerative medicine procedures remain non-insurance-based procedures. The products used in these injections are all FDA-cleared, regulated and declared safe to use but they have not been assigned the applicable CMS codes needed for insurance coverage as they are neither a food or a drug.

Does a regenerative medicine procedure hurt?

Administration of regenerative medicine injections is a quick procedure. It is accompanied by minor discomfort, and patients may request a topical numbing cream if they have low pain tolerance and need to receive the injection in a highly sensitive area.

Let us take care of you and your health

We serve the entire San Diego County area and help patients dealing with chronic conditions, symptoms and pain or recovering from injuries. From regenerative medicine to help patients in Rancho Bernardo with back pain, to regenerative medicine injections for Mission Valley patients struggling with knee pain, to procedures right here in Rancho Santa Fe. To ensure you make the most of what regenerative medicine has to offer, we will design your optimal care plan through our holistic approach.

Bringing regenerative medicine closer to the residents of Rancho Santa Fe

Whether it is pain or tissue damage that you are dealing with, regenerative medicine injections have the potential to promote, expedite and facilitate your recovery so you can restore your ability to perform normal daily activities with a higher level of comfort. The number and frequency of procedures will be adapted to your needs, in accordance with the response of your body. If your destination is better health and wellbeing, we will help you get there.

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