The benefits of Rejuvenate treatment for weight loss


Our science-backed approach allows you to achieve effective weight loss.


We care about your health, which is why we place emphasis on safety.


Get fast results without wasting time and energy on futile weight loss efforts.

Personalized approach and individualized weight loss plan

Here at Rejuvenate Medical Group, we give our devoted, undivided attention to your cause. Our team will go out of their way to help you adopt changes and improve your health along the way. We will help you pursue your weight loss goals through an individualized weight loss plan and build healthier habits. Our focus is on you and we are here to guide you and point you in the right direction so you can achieve lasting results.

What to expect from your first weight loss consultation?

We like to start things off on the right foot. When you make your initial appointment with our team, we will schedule your in-depth consultation followed by a body fat analysis performed with utmost precision. After that, we will decide on the course of treatment that can give you results. It will consist of coaching, a proper nutrition plan catered to your needs, and a specific exercise program to ensure that long term changes are being made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get a weight loss consultation?

Anyone looking to lose weight should make an appointment with a medical professional specializing in weight loss for consultation. Whether you suffer from some medical condition or not, you should consult a weight loss specialist before making any radical moves.

First, you will learn about the preferred course of treatment in your case, one that is most likely to yield lasting results. Second, you will be advised on how to avoid putting your health and safety at risk once you start pursuing your weight loss strategy.

Last but not least, the medical specialist can get you started on what they consider the most effective course of treatment and monitor your progress along the way.

Why is diet important for weight loss?

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is essential for weight loss. There is even evidence to suggest that the effect of a smart diet could be much better than the effect of a workout routine.

Likewise, a balanced diet is easier to implement than a regular fitness plan because focusing on reducing our calorie intake is easier than focusing on burning extra calories. In fact, we might unknowingly increase our calorie intake once we start a strenuous exercise routine as it can boost our appetite.

Can regenerative medicine help you lose weight?

Regenerative medicine offers promising prospects for a smooth and natural weight loss process. Consult a specialist on the matter to learn more.

What is body fat analysis?

We can calculate BMI or Body Mass Index to determine how our body weight affects our health by factoring in weight and height. However, when we say body weight, what we mean is body fat. Although BMI can predict our risk of diseases, it does not tell us anything about our body composition. After all, a person that is overweight in the traditional sense is not necessarily obese.

Our body is composed of fat, protein, minerals and water. Measuring body fat percentage is a more precise way to determine how much of our body weight is fat. 

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

As mentioned above, calculating body fat percentage can give us more accurate information about our health risks relevant to our body fat than BMI can. Healthy body fat percentage is given in ranges, rather than in a single ideal number.

For instance, for women between 20 and 40, the range should be between 15 and 31. After 40, the ideal range gets higher. The range depends on the person’s lifestyle and even their sex: women should have a higher body fat percentage. There is ample evidence that women have 6-11% more body fat than men do because it is the body’s way of boosting women’s reproductive function.

Skin-fold measurement and bioelectrical impedance analysis are two most frequently used methods to determine body fat percentage, although the latter is not as reliable. Consult a Rejuvenate Specialist to find out your body fat percentage and receive your custom-made diet and action plan accordingly.

How can I lose weight fast?

Upon consulting with our medical specialists who will take any specific circumstances that apply to you into consideration, you will receive recommendations on the fastest weight loss method. Of course, we never compromise your safety when planning your treatment and weight loss strategy.

Put your trust in renowned medical specialists

The Rejuvenate team consists of the leading professionals in the field of highly advanced regenerative medicine. Our approach is largely based on regenerative medicine procedures such as trigger point injections designed to facilitate pain management and PRP injections which have the potential to stimulate tissue repair. And then there is weight loss, our increasingly popular core service area, which empowers patients to pursue a healthier BMI and body composition. We make it happen through a custom-made treatment and diet plan based on a comprehensive assessment.

Start pursuing your long-term weight loss strategy today

Here at Rejuvenate Medical Group, we have a clearly defined vision of what we want for our patients: to ensure their wellness and help them make drastic changes through weight loss. We want to spread awareness that excess weight and obesity are dangerous in more ways than one. Aside from being unsightly and likely to affect your self-esteem, they pose a very real threat to your health. We have your optimal wellbeing at heart. Reach out to Rejuvenate today!

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